Elijah J. Hermitt

Anthropology B.A., M.A.
Pennsylvania State University


(2017 - Present) • Penn State Liberal Arts

                   "Land and Water Revisited" Project

                    Office of Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship

                        - Videographer, Editor

2016 - Present • Moonshine Archaeology Project                               - Producer, Editor, Director of                                      Photography

2014 - 2017 • PennLive Penn State Football

                       - Beat videographer

2014 - 2017 • Palenque Pool Project

                      - Team member, Social Media Director

Though this website shows my video work, my educational background is in anthropology, specifically archaeology. Both archaeology and visual creativity have always been major components of my life. Although they may seem quite different, I have always seen harmony between the two. Each seeks to tell a story using the physical world as the basis for constructing the narrative.

Two years into my time at Penn State, I had the opportunity to move from the student section down to the sidelines of Beaver Stadium to shoot video for PennLive. Though at first it was just a job to pay the bills, I began to see the potential of visual storytelling making scientific research more accessible to the public. This was largely due to the interest of Dr. Kirk French to utilize video for outreach.


This has now become my passion: creating videos with the aim of demystifying science kept in ivory tower of academia. A close friend of mine once stated that knowledge is a public good and should be accessible to everyone, regardless of education or socioeconomic background. This has become my mantra as I move forward into my career as a videographer, an anthropologist, and, most importantly, an educator.


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Photo by Carly Hunter