Feature Film - Director of Photography, Editor
Teotihuacán Valley, México

Land and Water Revisited (2020) is a remake of the landmark 1961 documentary Land and Water: An Ecological Study of the Teotihuacan Valley of Mexico. This new film highlights the environmental challenges and the stories of adaptation by juxtaposing images from the original film with modern day images taken from the same vantage points. It is the story of the people of the Teotihuacán Valley and their relationship to their environment, which is changing drastically and rapidly due to the vast expansion of nearby Mexico City.

Documentary Series - Assistant Editor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Slugfest is a ten-part documentary series directed by Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce and narrated by Kevin Smith that dives deep into the longstanding rivalry between Marvel and DC. Each of the episodes examines the intertwined history of the two biggest superhero creators in the world.

Documentary Short - Director of Photography, Editor
Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Community, Survival, and the Art of Likker Makin' is an anthropological documentary short that examines the social and economic impacts of moonshine production in the Maggie Valley region of western North Carolina. In this region, the production of moonshine/unaged corn whiskey/likker is a vital cultural linchpin that connects everyone, no matter their background.

Educational Content - Editor
State College, Pennsylvania

Penn State alumni Lisa Ramadass and Rodney Woodson describe the experiences of Black students during the Civil Rights Era. Woodson specifically recounts the day in 1968 that his fraternity found out their hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., had been assassinated. This project was created as part of the College of the Liberal Arts' 1968 Moments of Change program.

Background Photo by Elijah Hermitt